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Terminator meets The Sweeney As the author clearly states in the beginnng Black Dog is a standalone book - much more crime fighting than science fiction. Gone are the spacecraft and Sallows and our lovable rogue android Kylem finds himself catapulted across time and space in mid Seventies UK. There he gets himself pitted against the organised crime Godfather of a fictional port city whilst also being recruited by Britain's (not so) super secret agency which specialises in wet work - a match made in heaven? I did enjoy the fast paced action and there are plenty of snippets of unresolved information strewn about that has me wanting to find out more. Bring on the third instalment.
R. Diederich

This book is as great as the first one Imperfect Weapon, I couldn't put it down and read it in two days, it's brilliant I love it. Kylem is awesome and so cool. I can't wait for the next book The Last Arcadian to see what Kylem is up to next, really enjoyed the read excellent writing well done A.
Brenda Russell

Another superb story. Yet another great book by this author a little different to the first as it is set in a small town in england lots of action and intrigue.
B. Forsythe

Really enjoyed it ..... So different to Imperfect weapon but kept me reading ..... Couldn't put it down. ..... Great imagination can't wait for the next installment.